The Digital Age.

As I progress through my university course, reaching the end of my second year made me think about how I will actually engage in a Journalism career. It’s ok for some to say ‘work experience is key’ and ‘work towards a 2:1’ but without the appropriate skills, how will I ever get the experience?

Then I realised, the digital newsroom is what it’s all about. Blogging is essential for Journalists nowaday, everything works differently. Most people don’t sit and read a newspaper whilst eating breakfast before work, but instead check websites on their smartphones, even twitter, on the move for daily news updates.

Newsrooms rely on fresh photographs, videos and quotes from the public who upload first hand onto websites. Take the Japanese Earthquake last year, the videos reached twitter before they reached BBC, for example. 

This website allows any person with a brand to distribute their own news via multimedia, you do not need to be a qualified journalist to be able to post on this website.

Can journalism be trusted? Most of the time, yes. One module I’m currently studying focuses on issues within journalism now and how news isn’t neutral. The pictures painted of the world reflects those opinions of journalists, their occupational practices and the constraints of ownership. Which leads onto another question a budding journalist is constantly wondering about, will print soon be gone?


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