The Royal Family

Does anyone really care about the Royal Family anymore?

After spending the night with my cousin, I had a great idea. To blog about the Royal Family, as she requested we watch ‘the diamond queen’. Honestly, I could not think of anything worse. I’d rather watch… golf (I hate golf). Do people even care about the Royals anymore?

My cousin, 16, said: “I don’t know what it is about them. They don’t do anything, but the history is so interesting.”

Here goes my contraversial blogging I mentioned earlier. Is it bad that I’m a Brit and I have no respect for the Royal Family at all? The Queen might be cute, and frail, but she does nothing. I’d quite like to be born into a palace, given power of the whole country and make a speech on crimbo day. Maybe the history is interesting, but just to finish this little post, I’d rather watch paint dry. The only remotely interesting thing about the whole family is wether Princess Diana was killed or wether it was all a huge accident. Well, that’s in my opinion anyway. Maybe I won’t ever be a Journo who reports on the family…


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