Pancake day

Pancake day. The most pointless day of the year in my eyes, apart from a Monday. Ok, to all the religious people out there who prefer to call it ‘Shrove Tuesday’ I’ll let you off. But let’s be honest, pancake day is stupid.

In my opinion, they are the worst creation ever and I’d rather eat my own finger or somethin’. Don’t you think they are just like an omlette with some sugar on? BLURGH. Even the smell knocks me into a state of nausea…

My friend just posted a picture on her facebook page to show the world her great effort. Look at this:

How gross is that? Well done Toni Askey!!!! You’ve put me off them even more now. To make it worse, the restaurant I work at (The Clog & Billycock in Blackburn) serve these bad boys on a day to day basis. It puts me at ease to say I’m not working today and I won’t have to witness the whole restaurant ordering these disgusting, pointless pancakes tonight.


2 thoughts on “Pancake day

  1. You probably know, but it’s derived from the idea of using up all your leftover food before you fast during Lent. I’ve had to serve them up with ham and cheese at work. That really is weird.

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