The iPhone or Blackberry battle.

There is a constant debate about why the iPhone is better than a Blackberry, but being the owner of a ‘berry’ myself, I don’t understand why.

It’s slowly approaching the time to upgrade my phone after a long, hard 18 months of putting up with a forever breaking Blackberry. Putting the faults aside though, it’s so dinky and swarve!

More to the point, even though the iPhone has so many different Apps and is the smartest of smartphones around at the moment, the contracts are so expensive. The only thing that is tempting me in the slightest to go ahead and upgrade early is the ‘fatbooth’ App, I think it’s possible to spend hours on that and never get bored.

BBM is probably the only thing that I would miss if I was to change the phone. It’s such an easy way to contact people, share music and look at peoples pictures. Suppose it’s kind of like MSN in the present day? Hmm.

‘Facetime’ seems like quite a good little extra to add to the persuasion of getting an iPhone, except the majority of my friends are ‘berry’ owners so can’t even join me on that! Who the hell would I talk to? My own reflection? It’s safe to say that the iPhone is futuristic and technical, however the Blackberry seems so much more sophisticated and ‘business-like’.

Even after writing this blog and trying to come up with pros and cons, I’m still no closer to making my decision. Seeing as Orange only seem to do 24 month contracts now (well, the ones that are good anyway) it’s a huge decision and I just can’t make it for myself.

Modern and futuristic? Or swarve and sophisticated? Hmm. Not sure.


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